Much like ex-Packers quarterback Brett Favre, who in 2009 played against his former team first in the Metrodome before having to return to Lambeau Field, the Vikings don’t play in Green Bay until Nov. 24. Jennings acknowledged that he expects “a lot of boos” when he comes back, but that he’s worried about this game, not the next meeting.

“I don’t play the game thinking of what the fans are going to think and what they’re going to say. There are going to be Greg Jennings fans, there are going to be Greg Jennings hate fans,” Jennings said. “It doesn’t matter if I said anything or did not saying anything, or if I put on some other uniform, Greg fans are going to be Greg fans, and there are loyal packers fans, you’ve got to respect them.”

After it was pointed out that Favre appears to be mending fences with the team and that ex-Packers and Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell signed a one-day retirement contract with the Packers, Jennings was asked if it matters to him how he’s perceived among Packers fans.

“When I left my wife and I put together a farewell deal, and that’s truly how I feel,” Jennings said, referring to a full-page ad he took out in local newspapers. “God has allowed me to move on and embrace a new season of my life. I can’t complain about that. I’m embracing that with open arms.

“Do I still have ties there? Absolutely. Do we still have connections there? Absolutely. I still have a love for those fans and for that organization, absolutely, and the guys in that locker room. But I’m developing new ties, new relationships here.”

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