Tuesday was the first day high school football teams in Wisconsin could have practice.

At Madison LaFollette, the Lancers went through two two-hour practices under head coach Mike Harris.

Harris, in his fifth season as head coach, said the first practice is always exciting.

"I couldn't sleep at all last night, so I'm playing everything out. We did the equipment fitting of all the players yesterday, did some speed testing of the athletes. We've been in communication all summer. Great aspirations and I'm hoping the guys follow through," he said. 

Senior linebacker Derek Horne felt the same way.

"It's like Christmas for me", he said. "A second Christmas. It's just our team -- we love each other so much and we have so much fun playing together. We were talking about this the whole summer and we just have fun together," Horne said.

LaFollette will have its season opener against arch-rival Madison East at Lussier Stadium on Friday, Aug. 24.