Verona, Madison host Ultimate Frisbee Championships

Nation's top 40 teams converge in Wis. for competition

VERONA, Wis. - If you drive by Reddan soccer park or Madison Memorial High School over the weekend, you might see a lot of college kids on the fields and wonder, "What are they doing?"

They're playing Ultimate Frisbee. This is a big event with great competition. South Central Wisconsin is hosting the USA ultimate college championships.

"We start the season with over 800 teams all over the nation and these are the top 40 teams," said Tom Crawford, CEO of USA Ultimate.

The top 20 men and 20 women college teams -- more than 1,000 athletes -- are competing this weekend for the National Championship in Verona and Madison.

"A lot of times, if you are not at the Division One level or college ability level to play soccer or basketball or whatever, you kinda get lost you and you lose that team sport edge. And this is a way to be really competitive," said 21-year-old Lane Siedor a junior on the Georgia women's team.

Ultimate Frisbee isn't really well-known but it has simple rules. Seven players from each Ultimate team take the field and the first team to score 15 points wins. There are no referees.

VIDEO: Verona, Madison host college Ultimate Frisbee competition

"We have observers. They keep the time, they call in and out of bounds," Crawford said. "But the athletes control all of the other calls in the game and the observers only get involved if the athletes need them to or want them to."

"It's a fancy game of keep away," explained Oregon women's coach Lou Burruss.
"You are trying to keep it away from them and trying to catch it in the end zone and score."

More than 3,000 fans are expected to watch one of the fastest growing sports this weekend.

"The number participants and athletic ability has been on a steady increase and I don't see any sign that it's slowing down," Burruss said.

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