Sunday day of rest for Badgers in Florida

Wisconsin takes on South Carolina on Wednesday

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When in the Sunshine State, you expect, well, sunshine.

But on Sunday, as the Packers were snatching a playoff berth from the Bears at frigid Soldier Field, it rained in Florida.

Of course, it was 75 degrees as the Wisconsin Badgers football team spent part of the day at Disney World getting together with players from South Carolina to play video games with kids from around central Florida.

The Badgers do a lot of work in the community all year long, so it makes sense to continue that work while on the road waiting to play at the Capital One Bowl.

"I think we have an opportunity that not many other people have," said linebacker Chris Borland. "And a lot of kids and a lot of other people look up to us in the community. We've got a lot of great guys on our team, take a lot of time out of our busy schedules to do things like that. So I think it's important, and just to give back."

"When you get put on that level with two or three hours with our kids, with younger kids it just puts, it's reality, it's what life is, there's a lot of good kids in Division One football that care about people," said coach Gary Andersen.

Coach Andersen canceled the on the field practice for his team today, giving his team only a walk-through at the hotel. The revised schedule allowed his players to focus on that other Wisconsin football team as they played for the NFC North division title.

"Watch the tape, let 'em get their legs back a little bit, and it's Sunday, too," said Andersen. "I've never been a real fan of doin' much on Sunday, during the season we take Sunday off, so obviously, game plan is in, kids are moving around well, they seem excited. Ready to play the game against a great opponent."

As the Capitol One Bowl game approaches, the Badgers think their preparations are right on schedule.

"It's been great," said Borland. "We practice every morning, they've all been good, sharp practices. In the afternoon, we get a little free time. I know guys have done a lot of different things, some went to a Magic game, some went to Sea World, things like that. So I think we're working hard and also enjoying the week."

"It's going great," agreed running back James White. "Definitely nice to have some sunshine, even though it's raining today, but the weather's great and I get to play one more last game with my teammates. It's gonna be a lot of fun."

Proving that he's made his money coaching football and not teaching U.S. geography, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier reflected on his brief time in Wisconsin, when he was coaching the Washington Redskins and they played the Packers at Lambeau Field.

"Haven't been to Lansing though," said Spurrier. "East Lansing, I guess, but no, I haven't been there. That's Michigan, I thought it was Michigan State. Madison, yeah Madison's the capital of Wisconsin. Shoot, I should know that."

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