While Luis Suarez's apparent World Cup bite had soccer fans around the world seeing red on Tuesday, it also had some other fans counting their green.

The Uruguay striker appeared to have bitten Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during their teams' match in Natal, Brazil, and could face disciplinary action by FIFA.

It's not as though Suarez, who plays professionally for Liverpool of England's Premier League, hasn't taken a chomp out of an opponent before. He's actually been punished twice for doing so during matches.

That's perhaps why some bettors on the Malta-based Norwegian gambling site Betsson felt secure taking a gamble on a prop bet that he would do so again during the World Cup.

Those who took the site up on the bet, which paid off at 175-1 odds, found themselves in the money after Uruguay's 1-0 victory.

Among the winners was Thomas Syverson, who tweeted a picture of his bet's payoff. He made a bet of 32 krone (about $5.25) and cashed it in for 5,600 krone (about $916), according to a report by ESPN.

Andreas Bardun, the sportsbook manager for Betsson, told ESPN that the biggest winner was an undisclosed Norwegian gambler who won $3,300.