The Cincinnati Reds decided Thursday that surgery is the best course of action for the torn tendon in Homer Bailey's right forearm.

As a result, the right-hander will undergo a procedure Friday in Cincinnati to fix a small tear in the tendon. Head athletic trainer Paul Lessard said the team tried a conservative approach to work with the injury, but it simply was not healing. The hope now is that Bailey will be 100 percent for 2015

"He should be ready to go just about spring training," Lessard said.

The Reds had moved Bailey to the 60-day disabled list on Tuesday, which officially ended his chance to pitch again this season. They had had initially hoped Bailey would be able to rejoin the rotation this month, but he simply did not recover well enough to throw again.

Bailey went on the DL on Aug. 16 and was 9-6 with a 3.71 ERA in 23 starts.

Cincinnati manager Brian Pryce was prepared to finish the season without Bailey, but news of the surgery was still disappointing.

"Typically, that's a last resort," Price said about the surgery. "In this case, it's helped answer some questions. It may be the best way to go in that we know there is going to be a timetable when we can expect to have him back."

The Reds thoroughly evaluated all of the options and the consensus was surgery provide the best outlook for the pitcher.

"The other option is that we could have continued to do a strengthening routine and a recovery routine over the offseason," Price said. "If for some reason that didn't satisfy the issue with his elbow, then that would have necessitated having a surgery to begin the season and that would basically have eliminated him from our club for all of 2015."