Prep Mania Team of the Month: Oregon girls basketball

Oregon hosts Shoot for a Cure Jan. 18

Oregon, WI. - The Oregon High School girls basketball team hosts Madison Edgewood next Friday, and it's going to be a special night the Panthers have been working toward all season.

The team is hoping for a big victory on and off the court.

Hard work goes beyond the court for the Oregon girls basketball team. Oregon basketball mom Teresa Peach is organizing the program's breast cancer awareness night, Shoot for a Cure, at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 18 when Oregon hosts Madison Edgewood.

"They also know there is a lot more -- like their character and what they do off the court," Peach said.

All of the proceeds from Shoot for a Cure go to the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center.

"Lots of the girls who participate in basketball in some way, shape or form have been impacted by breast cancer, and that is why I think there is a lot of excitement and people asking, 'How can we help?'" Peach said.

It's not just the varsity girls contributing to the effort; more than 200 girls are selling T-shirts, reaching out to local businesses to get sponsorships and doing mini fundraisers.

"My grandma had breast cancer, so I'm just trying to help the community and help support the cause," said Oregon senior Sidney Peach.

Last year, they raised $3,500, and this year the goal is $10,000. All the money raised will stay in the area.

"Keeping it local and making sure we can make a difference for the people we live and work around is really important to everyone," Teresa Peach said.


"Sometimes during the season everyone is so concerned about wins and losses and get caught up in that and don't realize we that we are fortunate we are able to play the game we do and we can take from it other things than wins and losses," said head coach Les Luehring.

"Talking basketball is something, but talking about helping our community and doing this and getting involved that way is something totally different. And that brings us closer together, because you can be a family on the basketball court but you can also be a family off the court," said senior Maranda Ricker.

Those who would like to help can attend the basketball game at Oregon on Jan. 18 or go to the UW Carbone Cancer Center's website at

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