But it's this one that's the best. As the Clydesdales play a pickup football game, someone asks is they always do that after seeing a horse boot the pigskin through the uprights. A cowboy answers, "they usually go for two."

No. 2: Coke, "Mean Joe Greene" (1979)

OK, so this commercial didn't actually premiere during Super Bowl XIV, which featured Joe Greene and his Steelers, but actually in October 1979. Still, it's most remembered for its Super Bowl appearance and is still one of the most-talked-about ads of all times. Even people who've never seen a football game in their life know this one.

A kid offers his Coca-Cola to a battle-weary "Mean Joe" Greene -- who softens up just enough to toss the kid his jersey as a reward. You know it tears you up, even if you never saw it when it originally ran.

No. 1: Reebok, "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker" (2003)

This one was elevated to the top of the list both because it was so funny and so memorable. One of the best commercials at generating talk at the office water cooler the next day, it featured a linebacker from Reebok recruited by a company's CEO to boost productivity.

The commercial is filled with a series of brutal hits as Tate lays the smack down on some cubicle drones. His hits, punctuated by lines such as "Break was over 15 minutes ago, Mitch!" made it so you couldn't help but remember this ad, even as you were flinching, then laughing, while watching it.

Honorable mentions: Emerald Nuts "Robert Goulet" (2007); Pepsi "Apartment 10G" (1987); Pepsi "Diner" (1995); Pepsi "Sucked in" (1995); E*Trade "Money Out the Wazoo" (2000); Careerbuilder.com "Monkeys" (2005); Tabasco "Mosquito" (1998).