Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is cleared to play Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy made the announcement during a news conference Thursday afternoon. He said the team went through all the evaluations and they feel it's time for Rodgers to play.

"I would say he's ready to play," McCarthy said.

The team was told Thursday morning that Rodgers would play.

Rodgers has not played since suffering a spiral fracture in his left collarbone Nov. 4 against the Bears. He missed the seven games that followed.

"It feels great. It's exciting to be able to play after a long lay-off, a tough period. (I'm) excited to be back in the mix with the guys. You know, it's a fun day for me, but I think the focus needs to be on this game and the opportunity we have to win the division, which is our first goal every year. We are in it and we have a chance against our rivals," Rodgers said.

The division title is on the line in Sunday's game.