“They better be. They don’t have a choice,” safeties coach Darren Perry said Friday. “We’re going to stick them out there and give them an opportunity, and hopefully they’ll go out there and proceed and give us what we want.”

Of late, McMillian and Jennings have been job-sharing the nickel/dime safety job when Woodson would shift to the slot. That’s been the result of neither player seizing control of the job, but in some ways it’ll have worked out for the best: Now both players come into Sunday having contributed in the weeks leading up to Woodson’s absence.

“I think right now you have two guys who are really close. The decision has been tough in terms of going with one or the other, so we figured both of them deserve the opportunity to show what they can do. We’ve been able to do that,” Perry said. “When you’re playing the other guys every week, it’s a growth amongst them. Hopefully, those guys can continue to keep improving and get to where we want to finally have those guys in terms of being at a certain level and certain standard we need them to play at.”


The Packers’ next-man-up approach to injuries is admirable, but sometimes, it results in more than a few folks not appreciating the significance of some of their injury-related losses. The idea of an offense without Jennings, Nelson and running back Cedric Benson should be frightening, but it’s just business-as-usual for the Packers. That said, the team is fortunate that it’s playing an overmatched Jaguars team this week. An inferior opponent makes living with injuries that much easier. Packers 34, Jaguars 10. (Record: 3-4).

– Jason Wilde