It was the final hook-up that won the game. Having already converted a pair of fourth-and-1s earlier in the drive – with a 1-yard Kuhn dive and a 6-yard Rodgers-to-Jordy Nelson completion – the Packers faced fourth-and-8 from the Chicago 48-yard line. Gambling, Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker sent what’s called a zero blitz or empty pressure, with seven rushers coming after Rodgers. The one who got through was Peppers, from Rodgers left, but Kuhn dove across the backfield to chip him, buying Rodgers the split-second he needed to escape. Moving right, he saw Cobb astonishingly wide open down the left seam, having blown past safety Chris Conte at the first-down marker. From there, it was simply a matter of Rodgers not missing Cobb, and Cobb not letting victory slip through his fingers.

“They brought empty pressure, checked to it late, and I was trying to hit Jordy right away, (but) the safety rolled down quickly,” explained Rodgers, who called the touchdown drive a “character drive” and gave Kuhn most of the credit for the game-winning play.

“As I looked outside, I felt Julius was coming free. I was going to try to elude him – which, the chances of that are pretty slim – and John comes out of nowhere and cuts him. I was able to get the edge and saw Randall running wide open. In peripheral, I looked outside to make sure that we had a big play there, [and] I knew I had to get a little bit on it just to make sure that I didn’t way under-throw him.

“When that ball came down, it was just pandemonium.”

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