New team in town: Wisconsin Club Women's Basketball

Club has been around two years, will host first tournament this weekend.

MADISON, Wis. - New team in town: Wisconsin Club Women's Basketball

There's a relatively new basketball team on the university of Wisconsin campus that has nothing to do with Bo Ryan or Bobbie Kelsey. The Wisconsin women's club basketball team will host its first tournament on campus this weekend.

It's not an NCAA sports but  it's a group of students that came to Wisconsin for academic reasons, but still love playing.

Fifth-year year senior Karlie Tetschlag is from Sheboygan and started the club because she grew up on the court.

"I come from a basketball family. My sister played at Green Bay and my brother played at Platteville. Lot's of driveway basketball, two and two," said Tetschlag.

The elementary education major chose to come to Wisconsin for academics and campus life. She had applied to Division III schools hoping to play basketball but in the end she decided to be a Badger.

"How can you say no if you get it [to UW-Madison], but then I was compromising the basketball thing," said Tetschlag.

Tetschlag played intramurals but she was not happy with the competitive level so three years ago she began the process of founding a club women's basketball team. 

She is now the the founder, president, coach and player of the first Women's Club Basketball team at Wisconsin.

"I had to fill out tons of paper work. The university was really helpful they encourage us to create these new clubs but it was a lot of red tape to get through," said Tetschlag.

The club is in its second year but it needs to be around for five years for the university to fully fund it. So the team needs to pay for everything themselves.

"We got a $9,000 grant that helped pay for jerseys and chairs and such. We do a lot of fundraising and yes, we have bake sales," said Tetschlag.

There's enough interest to have two teams at Wisconsin--an A team and a B team--  that travels to tournaments four to five weekends a semester, but it's really a chance to bond over the game they love.

"Before basketball I didn't have the close friend group that I wanted.  I didn't find my niche on campus, and building this was my way of bringing my friends together with a common interest," said Tetschlag.

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