Lodi's Corey Daehling doing double-duty

UWP soccer player also serves in Army National Guard

PLATTEVILLE, Wis. - Lodi's Corey Daehling doing double-duty

Corey Daehling is a student at UW-Platteville and plays on the women's soccer team.

The Lodi native is also an E5 sergeant of the Army National Guard.

She enlisted the day after she turned 17 and is signed up for another six years with the Guard.

Her commitment to serving goes back to her youth. "When it was little I joined the Civil Air Patrol--Air Force for kids," says Daehling. "So I decided I wanted to do medic stuff. It seemed like a good idea so I joined as soon as I could"

Daehling drills out of the Waukesha Branch of the Wisconsin Army National guard, and finds playing soccer at UW-Platteville is a great change of pace.

"It's an escape you can just come out and forget everything and just play," says Daehling.

Her teammates admire her commitment.

"For her to take this on while playing soccer, while going to full time school and it's huge, it just shows her character and what she is about," says Platteville women's soccer coach Allison Sanyi-Stringer.

"She has really grown from the experience. She used to be quiet and not so much of a leader and now she comes back from this stuff and soccer is easy and it translates over to the soccer field."

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