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Team of the Month: Fall River football

FALL RIVER, Wis. - Team of the Month: Fall River football

Fall River Football hasn't had an unbeaten season since 1966. But this year they are off to a 5-0 start, but it wasn't long ago that Pirates football wasn't much to look at.

"We'd struggle to win games. We'd usually win one or two, but usually outmatched in a couple of games every year," said Fall River head football coach Brian Zacho.

But this year's squad has worked hard to change all that.

"Coach O'brien was with them in middle school. He's our offensive coordinator now, and we knew they were a talented bunch if they could stick together and hit the weight room," said Zacho.

"I remember a couple of our middle school games there were quite a few fans there. a lot of support," said senior Max Tramburg.

"Our eighth-grade game against Randolph, there were a ton of people there. We've had success at various levels, and it's been fun the whole way through," said senior J.D. Leisemann.

But the team also has its quirks. They can only kick extra points on one side of the field. The other goal post is right next to the Crawfish River.

"There's that  tree line there, and behind that, that's a river. That is the Crawfish River," said Leisemann.

"You're kicking $70 footballs, and no one wants to lose a football, so if we're going to kick, we just go to the other end," said Zacho.

The Pirates have quirks and characters on the team, but they are undefeated for a reason.

"A refusal go put our heads down. Coach always has a heads-up philosophy, stay positive, and that's a lot of what our team's based on," said Leisemann.

"Of course we want to win our games out, maybe get a conference championship, and make some noise in the playoffs," said Tramburg.

They're hoping that their new found success will lead to a playing field worthy of a winner.

"Hopefully with us winning, we get some more people down to the field to see that the situation is, our push for a field will get better," said Zacho.

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