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Ebony Nettles-Bey meets her hero

Cancer victim meets Lebron James Saturday night in Milwaukee

Ebony Nettles-Bey meets her hero

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Ebony Nettles-Bey has battled cancer since last fall. Despite the illness, the Verona junior has continued to attend school and play basketball. Ebony dreams of playing in the WNBA, but her hero is LeBron James.

What kid wouldn't want to meet their hero?

In February, #LebronMeetEbony took Twitter by storm. 

James got wind of the craze and made sure to meet Nettles-Bey when the Heat visited the Bucks Saturday night at the Bradley Center. The two exchanged pregame laughs, jump shots, and even gifts of autographed shoes and a game-worn jersey. 

Ebony walked away from the experience impressed with how normal James was. James thought Bey was anything but normal. 

"The challenges she goes through everyday, with the stage four cancer that she has, she's the stronger one out of the two of us."

To Ebony's delight, #LebronMetVerona took Twitter by storm Saturday night. 

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