Gerhart Brothers rivals again

Garth fights for roster spot with Pack

GREEN BAY - Garth Gerhart is an undrafted offensive tackle out of Arizona State. He spent last year on the Browns' practice squad. Now he's with the Packers. 

"Everyone's goal is to make the 53 man roster. I just have to do my best and show the coaches what I have and if I make it, that's good."

But not everyone comes from a family like the Gerharts. 

"I'm an offensive lineman, my brother's a running back, and my other brother's a quarterback, so our family's very competitive. I have three sisters that are in their twenties and they all played college softball, so everything in our family was a competition."

This fall, the Gerharts could give new meaning to the phrase "sibling rivalry."

"My brother Toby was drafted by Minnesota. He's going into his fourth season. Whenever I am hanging out with my brother in Minnesota and he tells people I'm with the Pack they kind of look at me funny."

Big brother Toby is pulling for his brother. 

"He's working hard in Green Bay. Hopefully he catches on there and we can play eachother a couple times a year. It'd be good times."

Garth and Toby played against each other as Toby played for Stanford, a Pac 12 rival of Arizona State. Even though his baby brother is again playing for his team's rival, Toby has some brotherly advice. 

"Don't take any plays off. Get the defense talking about you, because once they start talking, the coaches listen and then they notice you on film."

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