Former NHL forward Gino Odjick posted a letter on the Vancouver Canucks' website late Thursday night revealing that he has a terminal disease.

Odjick, 43, spent the majority of his career with the Canucks.

"We have shared many great moments together over the years, but today I need to share news about the biggest fight of my life," he wrote. "About two months ago I was diagnosed with a rare terminal disease called AL amyloidosis. It's causing abnormal protein to be produced and deposits are being formed on my heart. It's hardening my heart and my doctors aren't sure how long I have to live. Initially they thought years, but now they think it could be a lot less. I could be down to months or even weeks."

Odjick explained that he checked into a hospital after experiencing a shortness of breath following a ceremony in which the Canucks honored former coach Pat Quinn in a Ring of Honor ceremony on April 13. He has been hospitalized since then.

Odjick, a fifth-round draft pick of the Canucks in 1990, spent eight seasons with the team. He also played with the New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens.

The fan favorite is of Aboriginal descent and wrote that it was very important to him that he was able to help others in his community get new opportunities.

"This isn't goodbye, but I wanted you to know what is happening," he wrote. "I'm going to stay strong and I hope to spend as much time with my kids as possible."

In 605 NHL games, Odjick, who played left wing, scored 64 goals and had 137 points and 2,567 penalty minutes.