You think semifinal, and you imagine two teams playing cautiously, worried to give up a first goal that would doom them.

Of the previous six semifinals, four of them had ended 1-0. Another was 0-0 after 90 minutes and didn't see a goal until Minute 119.

Not these guys. They went forward with spirit

And it ended with a scoreline from the early days of the World Cup.

Germany appeared content to cruise after holding a 5-0 halftime lead, but the Brazilian defense was so lame, the Europeans went ahead and sent two more in to claim another couple of records.

They became the first team to score seven goals in a semifinal and to hold the largest margin of victory in such a game.

5. By the way, you guys get one more

Don't pack away the boots just yet, lads. You still have to play in everyone's (very least) favorite contest -- the third-place match. What do you get if you win that, a gift certificate for dinner for two at Rio's best steakhouse?

Can you imagine what the scene will be like if Argentina loses to the Netherlands and has to play its archrival in what is usually meaningless match?

Heck, we'd even watch this game for a change.