A Middleton police officer was taken to the hospital late Thursday night after police said he was attacked by a man while responding to a call.

The incident happened just before 10 p.m. Thursday in the 2000 block of Middleton Street in Middleton.

According to police, an officer was sent to that address after a report of a disturbance where a man kicked in the door to a residence.

Police said the officer found Jason Klingbeil, 39, of Middleton, had forcibly entered the home and assaulted a resident inside the house as she tried to call 911, breaking her phone in the process. The resident and a neighbor upstairs were both able to eventually call 911.

Police said Klingbeil was confronted by an officer outside the home, after which he kicked him in the chest. Klingbeil was stunned with a Taser and eventually taken into custody. The officer was taken to the hospital and later released.

Klingbeil also was taken to the hospital before being taken to the Dane County Jail, according to Middleton police. Kingbeil faces numerous charges, including battery to a law enforcement officer and criminal trespassing.