Best Hair: UW football returns from spring break

Madison, WIS. - The Badger football team is back on the practice field after spring break.

If you watch closely you might notice a change in running back Corey Clement. No, he did not change his number or position. He is doing what a lot of college kids do: growing out his hair.

He is hoping for some flowing locks when the Badgers take the field in the fall.

"Just give it two minutes, I am going to grow it out and hopefully have my dread locks by August. Hopefully for the first game against LSU, they'll be locked in," said Clement, a UW sophomore.

But fellow running back Melvin Gordon has his doubts.

"Corey's gonna have them little dreads in, man. It's a phase. He might cut his hair. I don't think he will be able to go through that phase. It's a rough stage and you gotta through with dreads before you get here [meaning his hair] So we gonna see," said Gordon, a redshirt junior.

The spring game is 3 p.m. Saturday, April 12.

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