Southward, Badgers look to NFL draft

Six UW players could be selected this week

Southward, Badgers look to NFL draft

MADISON - Dez Southward is like any UW graduate looking to get his first job - it's just that he hopes his is in the National Football League.

As many as six Wisconsin Badger football players could be selected in the NFL Draft that begins Thursday night.

Southward, like the other NFL hopefuls have spent the last few months working out for and interviewing with their prospective employers who are trying to find every bit of information about a player before they're picked in the draft.

"I'm getting calls from coaches from high school saying 'they're asking about you'," says Southward.

But it would all be worth it to hear your named announced if you're drafted by a team.

"First, second, seventh round, it' doesn't matter," Southward says. "I think for everyone what matters most is that you end up on a team, that you get a chance to prove that you can play at this level and help this organization out."

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