Saturday can't come quick enough for Badger team, fans

Andersen looks forward to first game

MADISON, Wis. - Gary Andersen can't wait until game day.

"Yes, please Saturday come here as fast as possible. We'll never turn down a practice opportunity, but it's just time."

After nine months of relocating his family, coaching new players, and cramming the new "system" of doing things on and off the field into the minds of his players and staff, game day is just five days away; and the "real work" beings.

"I am absolutely excited about the opportunity to take the field with this crew and watch them go to work and I know they're excited about it. And it's going to be fun. That's one of the big reasons why you coach is to see the young men go out and have fun playing the game of football, excited about that."

And the players are excited about playing for their new coach. Dezmen Southward likens Coach Andersen to George Washington. 

"I haven't heard one white lie come out of his mouth."

Seriously though, Southwards admires Andersen's demeanor. 

"He truly has values. He lets us know about those values; and he expects us to stick with those values. i think it's contagious."

Last year at Utah State, Andersen coached the Aggies to an 11-2 record. The Badgers hope that winning is contagious, as well. 

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