Ball back in discussion for Heisman Trophy

Bielema: he deserves consideration

MADISON, Wis. - University of Wisconsin running back Montee Ball has put together three huge games the past three weeks.

Now he's back in the discussion to be a Heisman Trophy finalist, just like he was last year.

His coach, Bret Bielema, said people around the country are noticing.

"Last week, it was Sports Illustrated or somebody like that had him as the number 7 and last year, he wasn't even that high on the list at the exact same time," said Bielema." I know he's having a Heisman performance because of what I've seen-- and the way I've been around him every day."

"But sometimes for the outside world to realize of what's really going on, it's hard for certain people to see it, but it's definitely there," said Bielema.

Ball has a chance to impress more voters Saturday, when the Badgers host Michigan State at 2:30 p.m. at Camp Randall Stadium.

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