Badger's Massei battles back from cancer

Helping Wisconsin to best season in a decade

MADISON - The Wisconsin Badger women's softball team is having its best season in a decade with a 33 and 9 start to the season - thanks in large part to Mary Massei.

She's usually the Badger's lead off hitter and she's leading the team with a .438 batting average this spring.

But Massei has had a long road to get to the top of the Badger's lineup.

"A month before I was leaving for college, I was all packed up and ready to go," Massei said, "and I was diagnosed with thryoid cancer."

Badger head coach Yvette Healy remembers, "when I heard that I wasn't worried about the softball side. I was just worried about her and her family getting healthy."

New teammates responded, too.  They had an extra ticket to the Badgers playing in the Rose Bowl, and they invited Massei to join them at the game in Pasadena.

UW Senior Kendall Grimm said, "I wanted her to know she wasn't coming to a team at the start of a season without knowing anyone and what we're about at Wisconsin.

Badger's Massei battles back from cancer

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