The Wisconsin Badger men's basketball team is in Canada for an eight-day, five game exhibition series against some of that country's best college teams.

For the first time since 2006, the Badgers are taking an international trip during the summer as it plays two games in Ottawa, then three games in Toronto.

Wisconsin plays Carleton Wednesday, then the University of Ottawa Thursday, both games in Ottawa.

The Badgers then travel to Toronto for games Saturday against A-Game Hoops, Sunday versus Ryerson University, the close out the trip Monday with another matchup against A-Game Hoops, a senior men's select team.

Head Coach Bo Ryan says he's interested to see how his players, especially the young ones, handle the trip.

"Here (in Madison), you're in your comfort zone and you take yourself out of that comfort zone and put yourself into," said Ryan. "Even though it's not a country very far away, but you're in a different setting -- then  you see how guys react.."