Andersen adjusting to new situation

Tries to build "trust" in football program

MADISON - Badger head football coach Gary Andersen has been on the job in Madison for a little over three months and he's been immersed in that job from day one.

It's been a whirlwind from the time the plane touched down from Logan, Utah last December.

Slowly, but surely, Andersen is finding his way around town.

" I can get home without the GPS which is nice," Andersen says. " I'm just happy I've got my own bed now , the house, the dogs are here, Stacy's here full time, so we're moving around a lot better than we were."

Change has been everywhere around Badger football over the last couple of seasons. Andersen says since everyone's in the same boat learning to get along with each other, it's actually brought everyone together.

"The first day we walked in and one of the first things I used was the word trust to the young men in the program," Andersen says.

"Trust is not something we just throw out there and it happens-- it's definitely earned and I think after two and a half months-- three months, we're starting to trust each other - trust is a two-way street-- the young men to the coaches,  the coaches to the young men and all of us as a team so we're definitely making strides there"

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