Susan: You describe yourself as a private person. Now, you're in very public role; you're the first lady of football. What has that been like?

Jen: Truly, it has no real effect on me as far as him being a different person versus the guy I met.

Susan: But what's it like for your being the spouse of such a high-profile person?

Jen: No different really.

Susan: Do you enjoy it?

Jen: I know sounds silly, but it's just he and I always.

Susan: What's it like for you to watch him coach? Is it stressful?

Jen: I'm so stressed. If we're winning, I have to leave the room or switch chairs. We're very superstitious.

Susan: We don't see Bret after a tough loss. How does he take it?

Jen: It's pretty tough. I can tell you, there's been times when we come home and it's a night game and we sit here on the couch and watch the games and he doesn't even want to change out of his suit.

Susan: As you look to the future, do you think about starting a family? Do you talk about kids?

Jen: Yes, we'd like to get through the summer first. We don't have an exact time set, but it will be sooner than later.

Bret and Jen Bielema got married on March 10 at St. Maria Goretti Catholic Church. Bret's best man was Paul Quiava, his best friend from Iowa. The reception was held at the Monona Terrace.

Jen Bielema's background is in finance, but she's not working right now. She took time off to plan the wedding and to oversee construction of the new house they're building.

Jen Bielema is very involved in events and causes in the community that her husband is a part of, which she loves. She said she's very grateful that everyone in Madison has been so warm and genuine offering congratulations.