“Cassandra Darrah has been doing a great job for us and she got some big wins, but we are really proud of Meghan McIntosh and Taylor-Paige Stewart,” said Healy. “Both really held their own and handled their own games. To put together wins and not give up earned runs, it’s great for them too.”


The schedule doesn’t get any easier for Wisconsin; with a trip to Fullerton, Calif., for six games starting Feb. 28 against Cal State Fullerton.


“Every game in California -- we’ve got six out there and they are all tough teams -- there’s not going to be an easy game out there,” said Healy. “There hasn’t been an easy game this whole season.


“These six games are all quality. Boston and Georgia Southern were both in the NCAA tournament last year, and were both 40-win teams with all-region pitchers. We faced phenomenal pitching all weekend and our offense really was impressive. I think it was the most impressive offensive weekend I’ve seen in a long time, to be able to face quality pitching like that. We know going into next weekend it is only going to get tougher.”