Some students said they were happy Bielema is leaving, with one student saying it's a great day for Badger football.

Others were indifferent, saying Bielema has had a successful run but this year was a step back.

"For me personally this year, he's been an OK coach. I'm not really that broken up over it. I'm pretty sure we can find a different coach to replace him that will be a little better than him," said Alexander Lopez, a UW-Madison freshman.

"I feel like he's never had a huge following on campus among students, although it's hard to argue with the success he's had. I don't think he necessarily comes across the best to students or fans or fans in general, but it's definitely not a good thing to lose a coach that's taken you to three straight Rose Bowls," said Sam Krabbenhoft, a UW-Madison freshman.

Everyone said the news took them by surprise.