Tony Gonzalez's NFL career isn't quite finished.

The Atlanta Falcons tight end will play one more game before retirement, as he was added to the Pro Bowl roster Tuesday.

Gonzalez, 37, was selected as a Pro Bowl replacement for the San Francisco 49ers' Vernon Davis.

Sunday's game will be Gonzalez's fourth consecutive Pro Bowl and the 14th in his 17-year career. The 37-year-old veteran finished with 83 receptions for 859 yards and eight touchdowns this season.

Only Jerry Rice, one of the Pro Bowl team leaders, made more career receptions than Gonzalez in NFL history. Rice tops the list with 1,549. Gonzalez is second at 1,325, and there is a big gap between him and the third player on the list, Marvin Harrison, who made 1,102 catches.

In terms of receiving yards, Gonzalez ranks fifth on the all-time list at 15,127, trailing only four wide receivers (Rice, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Isaac Bruce).

Gonzalez ranks sixth in receiving touchdowns with 111. Again, the players ahead of him were all wide receivers: Rice, Moss, Owens, Cris Carter and Harrison.