The center is an endangered species in the NBA, and the league's All-Star ballot reportedly will begin reflecting that reality.

According to TNT analyst David Aldridge, writing on, the league will announce Wednesday that centers will no longer be subject to separate All-Star voting. While fans previously chose two guards, two forwards and one center from each conference, the new ballot will ask fans to choose two guards and three frontcourt players from each conference, according to the report.

"It makes sense," NBA vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson told Aldridge. "It made sense to our Competition Committee. Having a center is the only specific position that was singled out on the ballot. It just seemed a little outdated and didn't represent the way our game has evolved.

"By the same token, it also affords the same opportunity, if you have two good centers in a given year, pick 'em both. They both can be selected. Which is impossible right now. ... It gives the fans some flexibility while keeping competitive balance."

Dwight Howard, then of the Orlando Magic, and Andrew Bynum, then of the Los Angeles Lakers, were chosen as the starting centers for the 2012 All-Star Game. Howard was dealt to the Lakers in the offseason, while Bynum now plays for the Philadelphia 76ers.

The change in the All-Star ballot is due to be announced Wednesday, according to Aldridge, with the ballots released to the public on Nov. 13, just two weeks into the season.

The next All-Star Game is scheduled to be played Feb. 17 in Houston.