EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Please tell me you weren't surprised by Super Bowl XLVIII, because if you were, you haven't been paying attention.

We told you defense wins championships, and last time I checked it was the Seattle Seahawks -- not the Denver Broncos -- who were numero uno there.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Denver has Peyton Manning, and nobody had an answer for him this season. True. But Manning was the fourth quarterback to reach the Super Bowl after leading the league in passing touchdowns and yardage, and nobody had an answer for the other three, either -- until they reached the Super Bowl. Mark it down, people: Dan Marino (1984), Kurt Warner (2001), Tom Brady (2007) and Manning (2013) lost each of those Super Bowls.

So repeat after me: Great defenses trump great quarterbacks. Great defenses trump great quarterbacks. Great defenses ...

2. Then there's this: The top nine scoring teams in NFL history never won a Super Bowl, with Denver the latest. Next time people tell you it is a quarterbacks' league, tell them what happened here.

3. Oh, and one more thing: No quarterback who led the league in passing yards won a Super Bowl.

4. The more I watched Denver, the more I liked San Francisco. The 49ers, not the Broncos, were the second-best team in football, and I've been saying that all season. The Super Bowl wasn't played in New Jersey on Sunday; it was played two weeks ago in Seattle.

5. OK, let's try this one more time: Yes, Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in league history, but, no, he isn't the best ever. In fact, he's not the best quarterback of his generation. Tom Brady is. He's not the best quarterback in the history of his two franchises, either. John Unitas and John Elway are. And he wasn't the better quarterback Sunday. Russell Wilson was.

6. As long as you're asking, this is Manning's Super Bowl record: One win, two losses, three touchdown passes, four interceptions and a passer rating of 80.9.

7. No wonder John Fox looked so glum. That loss cost him a $1 million bonus.

8. Go ahead and blame it on MetLife Stadium. It was cruel to the Mannings this year, especially when Seattle was in town. Against the Seahawks in New Jersey, Peyton and Eli combined for one touchdown and seven interceptions and were outscored 66-8.

9. Well, give Peyton Manning this: Those "ducks" Seattle's Richard Sherman claimed he throws do, in fact, turn into touchdowns.

10. And give Peyton this: He had it right when he said Eli's hints weren't going to give him an advantage vs. Seattle.

11. So much for the significance of Super Bowl experience. Nobody on Seattle had any until Sunday.

12. Imagine if Seattle had Percy Harvin all season. The Seahawks might have been pretty decent, don't you think?

13. Make that 0-for-3 for Wes Welker in Super Bowls.

14. Sorry, but you could have called this game after the first quarter, and not because the Seahawks led, but because they had something Denver did not: speed. Seattle was faster on both sides of the ball.

15. I can tell you in two words why a Super Bowl blowout wasn't all that bad: "Downton Abbey."

16. The biggest winner Sunday wasn't Seattle. It was the NFL ... er, commissioner Roger Goodell. He told us a cold-weather Super Bowl could work, sans dome, and he was right. There was no snow. There was no ice. And there were 49 degrees at halftime. Score that: Goodell one, Super Bowl bashers zilch.

17. Watching Denver cornerback Champ Bailey get torched on a 37-yard reception by Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin makes me wonder if it was such a good idea having him give that pregame pep talk.

18. Memo to Denver's Robert Ayers: You know you were supposed to contain the right defensive end, right? Just checking.

19. Bird watchers everywhere, this Super Bowl was for you. Before the Seahawks dropped the hammer, bird mascots were 2-5 in Super Bowls, with the Baltimore Ravens the only winners.

20. Tell me this game didn't remind you of Super Bowl XXXVII when Tampa Bay torched Oakland. The Raiders had the league's most prolific offense, and the Buccaneers had its top defense. Result: a Tampa Bay beat-down.

21. Too bad Marshawn Lynch didn't do more. I wanted to see the Seattle running back win the game's MVP just to see if he would stiff the media again ... only this time with the commissioner in the audience.

22. Just a hunch, but Michael Strahan won't have Warren Sapp present him at the Hall of Fame.