"The great thing about being an American soccer fan is we can borrow some of the best aspects of other U.S. sports ... so we tailgate before games for example, as well as take on the influence of Europe and Latin America," Wiersema said.

"Either way there is no better way to demonstrate your fandom than following your team to the ends of the earth, it's just an amazing experience."

That's if you can avoid the inevitable hangovers that accompany such an adventure, though Wiersema attests that the last-minute draw with Portugal gave him a bigger headache than any '"caipirinhas sunk in Brazil."

The plucky American Outlaws that remain in Brazil have trekked to Salvador ahead of the showdown with Belgium holding onto the belief that this nation can once again provide inspiration for their side to make history and reach the quarterfinals.

McSkimming would no doubt be proud of the progress.