And yes, you’d be right about that: The Bucks are currently seeded eighth in the Eastern Conference with a 26-27 record. Their current record reflects the Bucks’ love affair with mediocrity: When the team fired head coach Scott Skiles on January 8, the Bucks were at .500. Since taking over, interim coach Jim Boylan has amassed a 10-11 record after starting out 8-4.

With that kind of consistent mediocrity, it’s tough to engender much passion about the Bucks, and that sort of indifference has translated from the fans to the players.

As I write this, the NBA trade deadline is quickly approaching and the Bucks are rumored to be interested in trading away their only legitimate “star” player, point guard Brandon Jennings. The problem is that Jennings will be a free agent at the end of the season and wants out. But the player on the trade block that the Bucks would like to get in return, Hawks forward Josh Smith, probably wouldn’t stay beyond this season either.

The NBA is a league built on superstars, and when your team isn’t even an attractive stay for the minor stars, you’ve got a problem.

6. The Soft Parade or You Have Got To Be Kidding Me.

Even though injuries aren’t funny, sometimes you can’t help but laugh at them. And the Milwaukee Brewers own some of the strangest injury stories in recent MLB history.

Remember when Brewers pitcher Chris Narveson sliced his thumb lacing his glove? Or when Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy fractured his hand after his wife dropped a suitcase on him?

Now the Brewers’ opening day plans at first base are up in the air after the bizarre news that Mat Gamel tore the ACL in his right knee. Again. Like for the second straight season.

Yes, Corey Hart exceeded expectations last year in his move to first base, but of course Hart could be out through the end of May with his own right knee injury.  

It’s possible that shortstop Alex Gonzalez could be moved to first, but what are the chances that the Brewers are going to be able to replicate Hart’s success with another transfer? Probably better than the odds that Gamel will ever be able to live up to anything resembling what the Brewers hoped he would.

Is it possible that Prince Fielder left a curse on anyone daring to succeed him at first base?

Probably more possible than anyone being able to sit through Other Voices and Full Circle, the two albums The Doors made sans Jim Morrison, without wanting to lacerate their ears.

Anyone except Kyle, of course.

Happy birthday, best man.