Would a thrill-seeker prefer being catapulted up and over the steep and winding vertical drops of a coaster-style water ride OR being released from 10 stories high, plummeting at nearly 40 mph into a looping waterslide?

The two rides are "Black Anaconda," a giant serpent-like water coaster over one-quarter of a mile in length, and "Scorpion's Tail," a launch rocket that plummets into a free-fall down an enclosed chute at a top speed of nearly 40 mph into a looping waterslide. Beloved by many and feared by countless others, these titans of terror are uniquely qualified to earn the title of America's most thrilling water ride. Black Anaconda is the nation's longest water coaster. Scorpion's Tail is North America's first and tallest looping waterslide. Which will be your favorite?

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