Richard C. Yde, Sr.

On Tuesday August 12th 2014 Richard C. Yde, Sr, doting Grandfather, proud father of seven, and adoring Husband, left us for the "Happy hunting grounds".

He passed away peacefully, and apparently happily, as he continued to smile while trying to plant kisses on his attending nurses up until the very end. Richard was a veteran of World War II, in the Pacific Theater, entering at the tender age of 17 years. Upon his return he met, and won the heart of his dream girl, Lola Mardelle Estenson. They remained married for 61 years during which Dick would tell anyone that would listen how he married the most wonderful girl in the world. Most agreed that he had. Seven children followed, for which Dick carried an unbridled pride that was the cause of incessant boasting. Dick made a living, and put several of his kids through college, with the profit from several different entrepreneurial ventures, the product of his exceptional resourcefulness.

Dick loved keeping company with his buddies, or his boys, in a duck blind, deer camp, the golf course, pheasant hunting in Nebraska, or simply at the bar with a cold one (or several). A colorful character, to put it mildly, Dick had a passion for sharing fantastic stories of questionable veracity, off-color jokes, and hearty yuks with close friends or strangers alike. Dick's mercurial nature was progeny of quotations whose source was unmistakable, and content unbelievably funny. "Lola, where is the goddang woof waddy pitcher". It's a virtual lock that another one like this will never come off the heavenly assembly line. The blueprints were eaten by a German Shorthair Pointer.

Richard was preceded in death by three paragons of sound human character; his wife Lola, a Grandson Jorgen and a Son J.R.

A memorial service will be held 1:00 pm on Sunday, August 17, 2014 at Cress Funeral Home , 3610 Speedway Road, Madison. Immediately following, we will fete, and roast, Richard at a site yet to be determined. Appropriate attire is not required but your sense of humor and "gemulichkeit" are a must.

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