Frank Shozo Nakada

Frank Shozo Nakada passed away November 12, 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin.

He was born November 10, 1931 in Japan, one of 3 sons of Mr. and Mrs. Hideo Nakada. He grew up in Tottori, Japan and came to the United States for his college education. Frank attended the University of Missouri and then received his masters from Columbia University in New York. He specialized in English literature. He met Ayako while she was attending Skidmore College, and they married on May 16th, 1959.

Frank spent his entire professional career working for the United Nations, until his retirement in 1991. He started his career at the library science level and retired having diplomat status, the head of library sciences at the Secretariat. Frank and Ayako loved New York City, in particular they enjoyed Broadway shows, the opera, and the arts. Together, they spent well over a decade traveling the world and enjoying their retirement together.

Frank loved to drive, enjoyed cars and driving around the countryside. This was one thing he could do when he and Ayako moved to Madison. Frank also enjoyed eating out, and he enjoyed eating at Japanese restaurants and spending time in various coffee shops. Frank had a sharp mind, and was particularly interested in foreign affairs and the economy. Frank was always interested in medicine, and he was delighted when his only son, Stephen, became a physician.

Frank was a charming man, albeit a reserved individual. He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Frank S. Nakada is survived by his wife, Ayako, his son Stephen, his daughter-in-law Deanna, and his grand-daughter, Sarah.

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