A malfunctioning valve overnight resulted in thousands of gallons of water in the basement of a YMCA on Madison’s east side, officials said.

The Madison Fire Department was called at 5:01 a.m. Wednesday to the YMCA in the 700 block of Cottage Grove Road when water about 5 feet deep was found in the basement.

YMCA Marketing Director Scott Shoemaker said a building inspector came in to assess the area Thursday and the city requested the East YMCA close until the electrical system can be replaced.

Shoemaker said everything is working fine, but according to city of Madison code, chlorinated water could cause corrosion problems in the electrical hardware and that poses a long-term safety issue. Shoemaker said the YMCA doesn’t have a date for when the East location will reopen, but it’s expected to be a matter of days. It’s dependent on how fast contractors can get the replacement parts.

The leak was caused by a malfunctioning valve, and the water affected a small enclosed room in the basement, according to a news release. The water brought the level of the pool down between 4 and 5 inches. The pool holds about 150,000 gallons. The pool will be closed for a day or two, the facility said. The pool heater was also affected by the valve issue, the YMCA representative said.

Firefighters confirmed the water was not electrified, and Madison Water Utility shut down water service to the building. City engineering crews supplied a truck to assist with removing water from the basement.