World's thinnest condom is 1/6 width of human hair

Condoms launched in Japan have already sold out in most stores

Published On: Dec 09 2013 09:15:51 AM CST
World's thinnest condom

Japan has developed what's being billed as the world's thinnest condom.

Measuring just 0.01 millimeters wide, it's one-sixth the width of the average human hair, according to the website of prophylactics company Sagami Original.

The condoms were launched in Tokyo last week and have already sold out in many stores.

A package of five costs about $12.

It took Sagami more than a decade to complete the design of the product, with more than 25,000 of the condoms put through rigorous stress tests to make sure they wouldn't break, according to The Huffington Post.

Sagami's latest creation breaks the previous world record for the thinnest condom of 0.038 millimeters set by Okamoto Industries in 2012.