Four women were arrested outside a bank on Thursday after a fight broke out over "taking advantage of a senior citizen," according to a release from the Madison Police Department.

Officers were called to BMO Harris Bank at 401 N. Segoe Road at 4:05 p.m. for a report of a fight. They said four women were fighting while a 87-year-old man was inside withdrawing $5,000.

The man told police he was getting the money to help a friend pay an electric bill and was unaware of a fight going on in the parking lot.

Police said two women in a car were approached by two other women who got out of a second vehicle and a fight broke out. A bank employee told police the women were arguing about taking advantage of a senior citizen.

An officer suggested to the man that his friend might be taking advantage of his generosity, and he agreed.

Printella C. Lightfoot, 22, of Madison, Marshonda A. Lee, 21, of Chicago, Mellody L. Lee, 19, of Madison and Lawana N. Lee, 22, of Madison were arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct. Lightfoot was also charged on suspicion of obstructing an officer.

Police said Lightfoot and Marshonda were in the first car and the Lees were in the second car.

The victim said he wants nothing to do with any of the women. Police requested a no contact provision be part of any bail conditions.

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