Woman reports threatening phone calls demanding money

Police say to check bank accounts, block number making calls

Published On: Dec 24 2013 03:16:47 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 14 2013 02:58:32 PM CST

A Madison woman reported to police receiving threatening phone calls demanding she pay $8,000 or she will be arrested, according to a release.

She was told by the caller that she would be arrested if she did not pay $8,000 by this past Tuesday, officials said. The woman had taken out a loan, but is not scheduled to start making payments until later this month.

She contacted the loan company and was told not to pay anything to the people calling her, according to the release.

The woman contacted police who called the eastern Iowa number making the threatening calls, officials said. A woman answered and said the Madison woman they were calling needed to pay or a warrant for her arrest would be issued. She refused to tell the sergeant her name or the name of the company she works for.

According to the release, the sergeant told the woman to stop calling and she hung up.

Police advised the Madison woman to contact her bank to verify there is no suspicious activity on her accounts, contact her phone company to block the caller’s number and not to send money to the people calling.