A Washington, D.C., woman was forced to claw her way through a wall after spending eight hours locked in her work bathroom.

Karen Perrin, the wife of former Redskins running back Lonnie Perrin, was working late on Friday night when she decided to stop by the restroom before heading home, Washington TV station WTTG reported.

She left her cellphone at her desk.

After washing up, Perrin realized the door had been locked shut during her stay.

Jiggling, kicking and pushing at the door latch did nothing, and Perrin said she started to panic.

"That's when it hit me. I'm locked in here," she told ABC News.

Perrin stuffed 200 paper towels under the door in hopes of getting the attention of security cameras, but that didn't work.

Neither did attempting to climb through a hatch in the ceiling.

Eventually, she managed to chisel a small hole into the wall using a 3-foot pole, clawing the rest of the way out with her bloody hands, WTTG reported.