A birth certificate error left a Georgia woman forced to prove she's female to get a driver's license.

Nakia Grimes, 37, told Atlanta TV station WAGA she was horrified when state workers told her she'd need a doctor's note verifying her sex because her birth certificate listed her as a man.

Grimes said she'd never looked that closely at the document, and had never noticed the error before.

"You only look at the name, the date and the year," she told WAGA. "I've never seen that."

State workers told her she'd need a pelvic exam and a note from her doctor verifying her "female parts" before they would renew her license.

Angry and upset, Grimes went to the media, who contacted state authorities.

The state eventually cleared up the matter by examining the birth certificate of her son, which listed Grimes as his mother, according to WAGA.