It's Wednesday, July 2 and here is your day ahead:

In local news...

WEATHER: Today will be on the cool side. Clouds and light winds will keep temperatures in only the upper 60s. There's a slight chance for rain later today. Full forecast 


Madison's post office distribution center is one of four Wisconsin locations on a possible consolidation list. The Milwaukee Street facility is listed for consolidation as part of a $750 million cost-savings move by the Postal Service. A regional spokesman tells News 3 that either some or all of the operations in Madison may move, and a final decision on closure hasn't been made. Full story


Gaylin Edwards, 63, remains in critical condition this morning after being stuck by lightning during Monday's severe weather. Witnesses say he stopped his car in the middle of Highway 14 to fix something when the bolt hit him. An off-duty nurse and a separate private ambulance found him and immediately started CPR. Doctors say their quick response possibly saved his life. Full story


Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls accused of stabbing and nearly killing a classmate to curry favor with a fictional online character are due back in court. Attorneys are expected to discuss the results of a mental health evaluation of one of the girls in court Wednesday. Defense attorney Anthony Cotton says he believes his client is mentally ill. A court commissioner agreed to have a state doctor examine her. Full story


USA goalie Tim Howard, World Cup vs Belgium Even though Team USA lost to Belgium last night, excitement around the sport was at an all time high. But if you want to find out the real impact of this summer's World Cup, you need to spend some time where the game is growing. With the World Cup serving as a backdrop, kids learning the sport at the Keva Sports Center in Middleton represent the next generation of the game, and as they grow the game will grow with them. Full story

Futbol hero: Team USA is out, but Tim Howard is in. Social media exploded in admiration of the American goalkeeper who made a World Cup-record 16 saves in a 2-1 loss to Belgium, which bounced Team USA from the tourney. Full story

In national news...


Hobby Lobby Investing contradiction: Hobby Lobby's retirement plan may not be in line with the company's policy to operate "in a manner consistent with Biblical principles," government filings show. In a Supreme Court case, the retailer challenged and overturned an Obamacare mandate that would have required it to provide birth control in employee health plans, something that runs against its religious beliefs. But in this oopsie moment, a check of its 401(k) plan shows investments are being made in companies that make many of those same drugs. Full story


T-Mobile Call your lawyer: The Federal Trade Commission is suing T-Mobile. It says the cellphone carrier made hundreds of millions of dollars in bogus charges that were allegedly concealed on customers' monthly bills. T-Mobile CEO John Legere calls the lawsuit "sensationalized," "unfounded and without merit," and he suggests the government go collect the money from the nefarious text subscription services that bill through this company. So there. Full story


Revenge killing? Israeli police found a body in a wooded area of Jerusalem today. They're investigating whether the death might be an act of retaliation for the killing of three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were found this week. The Israeli government blames Hamas, a militant Palestinian Islamic organization, for their deaths. Full story


In no rush: Even with Islamic militants knocking on the door, Iraq's new parliament is in no hurry to form a new government. In the midst of the turmoil, it postponed its first session after it couldn't reach a quorum. Iraqi lawmakers have a bad track record on such matters. The last time parliament met to pick a prime minister, it took nearly 10 months. Full story