It's Thursday, Aug. 28 and here is your day ahead:

In local news...

WEATHER: Patchy fog early this morning, otherwise mostly clear skies turning cloudy by the afternoon. A storm system will bring scattered showers and thunderstorms through southern Wisconsin this afternoon and Friday. Full forecast 


The latest Marquette University Law School poll shows Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke are in a dead heat. The latest results released Wednesday show little movement in the race with 10 weeks until Election Day. Polls in May and July also showed the race to be essentially tied. The latest poll shows Walker with 47.5 percent support among registered voters, compared with 44 percent for Burke. That is within the poll's 3.5 points margin of error. More on this story


More than 70 residents in Winfield attended a town hall meeting Wednesday night voicing concerns over an incoming neighbor. Jeremy Felix, 26, was moved into a fortified facility in Baraboo last year with people guarding him around the clock. Felix pleaded guilty to attempted strangulation in 2010, and Baraboo police have reported at least 12 people were sent to the hospital with Felix under their watch. Dungarvin executive director Julie Josephitis and Care Wisconsin COO Ken Eimers were both a part of a panel that answered questions from a town-hired attorney Wednesday night. Both companies are involved with Felix's care. More on this story


For the first time, we're hearing from the family of a former Dane County sheriff's deputy accused of killing his wife and her sister. William and Phyllis Steele, the parents of Andy Steele, released a statement through Steele's attorney. It reads "Our family is devastated in the wake of this tragedy. We feel the profound loss of all the loved ones involved." Steele will have his first court appearance Friday. More on this story


In Janesville, police are still looking for answers in a fake 911 call last weekend. The caller said there was a shooting victim at a home on the city's west side. A SWAT team shut down the area for hours on Sunday, but only found an empty house. Police say the hoax put a big strain on county resources. Fines range from $100 to $600 for anyone who makes a fake 911 call. More on this story

In national news...


U.S. considers assistance:

President Barack Obama is considering airstrikes and humanitarian airdrops to help save thousands of Iraq's Shiite Turkmen, who officials say are facing a potential slaughter at the hands of ISIS. The Islamist fighters have besieged the town of Amerli, 70 miles north of Baquba, since the Sunni extremists swept into Iraq from Syria in mid-June. The town's fewer than 20,000 residents are without power. Their situation echoes the ordeal of Iraq's ethnic Yazidis, whose plight after they were forced to flee into mountains to escape ISIS militants triggered U.S. aid drops and the first U.S. airstrikes against ISIS. More on this story


Over the border:

Rebel forces in eastern Ukraine, backed by Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers, battled government forces on two fronts, a Ukrainian military official said today. The fighting was taking place southeast of Donetsk and along the nation's southern coast in the town of Novoazovsk, just 12 miles from the Russian border, said Mykhailo Lysenko, the deputy commander of the Ukrainian Donbas battalion. Lysenko called the fighting in the south "a full-scale invasion." More on this story


This is never good to hear:

Doctors Without Borders, Liberia, Ebola outbreak "It's even worse than I'd feared," Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said this week about the Ebola outbreak rampaging through West Africa. "Every day this outbreak goes on, it increases the risk for another export to another country. The sooner the world comes together to help Liberia and West Africans, the safer we will all be." More than 2,600 people have been infected by Ebola in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria since the outbreak began in December, according to the World Health Organization. More than 1,500 have died. More on this story


Deadly accident:

Girl with uzi kills instructor A shooting instructor is dead, the victim of a gun-range accident. A 9-year-old girl is surely traumatized. And plenty of people, including many gun enthusiasts, are asking: Why give a child a submachine gun to shoot? Charles Vacca was accidentally shot in the head as he instructed the 9-year-old girl how to fire an Uzi, an Israeli-made 9mm submachine gun. As she pulled the trigger, the gun jumped out of her left hand toward Vacca, who was standing beside her. More on this story