It's Wednesday, July 9 and here is your day ahead:

In local news...

WEATHER: Things are looking very pleasant today with partly sunny skies and temperatures rising from the mid-50s this morning into the mid-70s for highs this afternoon. Full forecast 


After multiple rescues and recoveries over the last week, first responders want to stress safety out on the water. While crews have technology to help with a search, currents make it hard to pinpoint anyone who has gone overboard and under water. Dive team members say alcohol is a factor in most potential drowning calls in Madison. Full story


Former Wisconsin football coach Bret Bielema will pay a lot more in property taxes. Last night, town officials re-assessed the home on Lake Waubesa, changing the value from $809,000 to $1.3 million.The town clerk says the first number didn't account for 2,000 square feet in the lower level. Now living in Arkansas, Bielema said if the taxes are raised, he will pay them. Full story

3. CAMPAIGN 2014

The latest ad from Gov. Scott Walker's campaign highlights an empty lot in Kenosha County. The ad claims Mary Burke spent more than $12 million dollars on that property, when she worked under former Gov. Jim Goyle. She says it was supposed to bring health care jobs to the area. The agreement says those jobs must be created by 2016 or else the land must be sold, and that money given back to the state. The money came from a federal grant. State documents show the federal government says the entire deal was issued in error and it wants the money back. Full story


Dodge County police are searching for suspects in burglaries over the weekend at the Oakwood Cemetery in Beaver Dam. Nearly 50 flag holders dedicated for veterans disappeared. Investigators believe they were stolen for scrap metal. The monetary value for them is around $2,700. Full story


A program at the Rock County Jail has inmates putting in time to train some four-legged friends. The Canine Corrections Academy program is the first of its kind in Wisconsin. The dogs are provided by the humane society, and inmates train them on basic commands and behaviors to prepare them for adoption. Full story

In national news...


Obama to meet with Perry Political flood damage: At the southern border, there’s the real issue. Then there’s the politics. The President asked Congress yesterday for $3.7 billion to deal with the flood of immigrants illegally pouring into Texas. As he heads to the state today, where he’ll meet with Republican Gov. Rick Perry, conservatives are painting a target on Obama’s back over the crisis. Firebrand Sarah Palin even called for his impeachment yesterday, blaming him for the porous border. Full story


No more war, please: With military wrath rising between Israel and Gaza is the “average” Gazan driven to attack Israel? No, some tell CNN. Palestinians with no political affiliation say they are sick of conflict. But this doesn’t mean that the feel optimistic that tensions with Israel could ease. Many expect death to keep coming to them from the skies, as militants in their neighborhoods fire rockets at Israel. Full story


Tears and Laughter: Billionaire Donald Sterling had his day in court yesterday, and he made a show of it: Crying over how wonderful his wife is. Kissing her. Getting combative. Making the court roar with laughter. He’s trying to hold on to the L.A. Clippers while his wife is trying to sell them for $2 billion – to rid herself of embarrassment after recordings surfaced of her husband making racist remarks. The court will decide. Sterling might be back in court today. Full story


Justin Ross Harris “I’m harmless:” That’s what Justin Ross Harris apparently said about himself in his profile on the social media website Skout. The photos on the site look like him, and the description matches, too, police say. Harris said his activities were less than harmless. They say he was messaging a woman on the site while his toddler son Cooper died in his hot car in a parking lot. His earlier posts also included sexually explicit texts and photos to an underage girl, police say. Full story


Ill wind blows no good: A storm pushed a tree down onto nine children at a church camp in Maryland yesterday. One of them died, under its weight in Manchester. Storms killed three more people around Syracuse, New York, when buildings collapsed. About 500,000 customers lost power, as the storms rolled through. Full story