Washington Elementary becomes Blue Zone Project approved

Washington Elementary becomes Blue...

BEAVER DAM, Wis. - Washington Elementary School celebrated Friday becoming the first Blue Zone Project-approved school in Dodge County.

The Blue Zone Project is a healthy lifestyle initiative that promotes eating nutritious foods, exercising and mental wellness in schools, churches and restaurants.

Washington Elementary School administrators spent about spent six months outlining a game plan of how they would incorporate healthy activities for students.  

Students are encouraged to trade in sweets for fruit, practice breathing exercises when they feel anxiety and spend time staying active.

Each day, teachers allow students to take brain breaks, which enable them to walk, do yoga or stretch.

Laura Maron, principal of Washington Elementary School, said that by making these small changes, students are testing better, have an improved attention span and feel less anxiety.

Tracy Rose, from the Blue Zone Project, said these healthy habits will create a domino-effect in the community.

“A lot of times, when you reach the children, what happens is they bring the information that they’ve learned, whether it’s about eating or physical activity or mindfulness, they bring that home,” Rose said.

A few restaurants and cafes in Beaver Dam have also become Blue Zone Project-approved by making foods from scratch.

The Blue Zone Project in Dodge County is funded by Beaver Dam Community Hospital Foundation.

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