Walker Talks Faith During Christian Broadcasting Network Interview

Governor Was Interviewed Last Weekend

MADISON, Wis. - Gov. Scott Walker discussed his faith and the role of prayer in his life amid the ongoing recall effort during a recent interview with Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network.

"God's got a plan for us that, who knows, where it might be even beyond just serving as governor of this state," Walker was quoted as saying. "God's grace is abundant no matter what you do."

Walker took office in January 2011. His proposal to strip most public employees of nearly all their collective bargaining rights sparked months of protests at the state Capitol and a series of recall efforts targeting both those who supported the legislation and those opposed. Currently, Walker, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch and four Republican state senators are facing recall elections later this spring.

The governor said he felt the prayers and those from supporters have been encouraging amid the uproar and helped to make his family stronger.

As a result, he said that during the past year -- even at the height of the "attacks and incivility" -- he tried to remain calm and reasoned when responding to his opponents.

"I wasn't responding in kind," he said in the interview.

In a blog posting related to the CBN interview, CBN reporter David Brody said that Walker told him that that his children had been "targeted on Facebook" amid the uproar about the collective bargaining legislation. He also said his mother and his 16-year-old son were yelled at during a grocery store visit.

The governor said that for every attack his family has had to experience, he has received words of support during his travels through the state.

"People that come up to me at a factory or a farm or small business and say, 'Hey, Governor, me and my family are praying for you.' That never makes the news," Walker said.

The interview took place last weekend at the governor's Executive Residence, according to Brody. Elements of the interview are expected to be broadcast later this week on Brody's show and the complete story on "The 700 Club."

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