Gov. Scott Walker says making Wisconsin a "right to work" state is not a part of his agenda, but he refused to say if he would veto such a bill.

In "right to work" states, private-sector workers can't be required to join a union or pay dues as a condition of employment.

Walker has repeatedly been cool to the idea, saying it wasn't a priority and would be a distraction from his agenda, but he hasn't definitely ruled it out.

When asked about it again Tuesday, Walker says he's not pushing for "right to work" and would not support it next session in the Legislature. But he didn't promise to veto it should it pass.

Walker made the comments after visiting Forte Research Systems in Madison. The company develops clinical research software and received a $500,000 loan to help its growth plan that should create 55 jobs over the next three years.

Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has said he would not pursue it next year.