Walker Says DA Requested Talks On Probe

Former Aides Face Charges

WAUKESHA, Wis. - Gov. Scott Walker said he voluntarily agreed to the Milwaukee County district attorney's request to meet with him about a secret investigation that so far has led to charges against five of Walker's former close aides and associates.

Walker made brief comments on Monday after a public appearance in Waukesha. They were among his first following an announcement on Friday that he would meet with District Attorney John Chisholm.

Walker said no date has been set for the meeting. He said the meeting date is up to the district attorney to announce.

"Up until now, we've provided written documentation. They'd like to talk to us about what they've found and what additional help we can provide," Walker said.

The investigation has created a potential vulnerability for Walker, who faces a potential recall.

Walker said his lawyers are examining thousands of emails his campaign has turned over to the DA. He said he hired the lawyers because it would take him too much time to do that work.

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